Le Tyran Tritri
La Centrale/Powerhouse, Montréal, March-April 2010.

I am a feathered body with two wings for the arms
two holes for the eyeballs
a large black hand is watching me
it is gloved
ah! there it is
the prison is drawn but how effective!
illusionist brutality on paper
a curtain that hangs by itself upside down
a painted world that flips in darkness
as austerity
I will be free
a total domination made of papier-mâché
Previously perching on a barbed wire
the tyran tritri totalitarian
is scrutinizing me
he is suspicious
my social structures have dissolved
like a Pepsodent capsule in a denture bath
my theater is obscure it mimics an imaginary
absurd and sinister maneuvering in
the head of a bird drunk gently flying
with as a sun
the lid of a trash can shining.

*The tyran tritri is called the eastern kingbird in english.

acrylic on wood, 2010.acrylic on canvas, 2010.paper, 2010