Sweet Asbestos

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A new project at Meredith Keith Gallery, Toronto, Ont
Nov. 18th to Dec. 22nd, 2011.

Like an octopus, Cynthia Girard's pratice has many arms such as painting, installation, painted scuptures, text and performance. With this new project, Girard investigates the cumulative impacts of neoliberalism in Canadian recent history... Like an activist of the imaginary, her work borrows influences from popular culture, folk art, as well as art history that she grafts to sociopolitical issues. Sweet Asbestos is among other things a satire of national politics and the redistribution of richness. As a starting point she answers Joyce Wieland's Reason Over Passion seminal quilt artwork by painting a curious skunk sandwichman advertising : I love my country.

Satirical, Girard's new works drink bitterly in the fountain of recent politics Dancing on a narrow line, and with a strong sense of humour and sarcasm, she creates resilient narratives populated by animals and even minerals that are politically pro-active and even activists.

acrylic on burlap, 76 x 61 cm, 2011 gouache on paper, string, books and bottle, 270 x 180 cm, 2011. acrylic on canvas and curtain, 150 x 180 cm, 2011. "Canada gets ready to walk away from Kyoto protocol." "Canada wins battle to keep out asbestos from "hazardous list". "Harper disfigures Canada plaster and wood, 35 x 30 x 30 cm, 2011. photomontage, (2x) 48 x 38 cm, 2011. Boot, 29 x16 x 32 cm, Record, 31 x 31 3,5 cm, Hat, 50 x 43 x 13 cm, 2011. gouache and fabric on paper, 56 x 71 cm, 2011. banner made of fabrics, 105 x 160 cm, 2011.  acrylic on canvas, 76 x 56 cm, 2011. acrylic on canvas, 46 x 38 cm, 2011. acrylic on fabric, 20 x 25 cm, 2011. gouache on paper, string, books and bottle, 270 x 180 cm, 2011. activism with Robin Hood Costume and Das Sad Kapital banner, oct. 2011.